New ‘waterside’ buildings from JSModels

03 July 2020
The manufacturing newcomer of laser-cut model kits is to add five new low-relief warehouse building kits to its range.

A new selection of laser-cut kit buildings designed for modellers with a canal, wharf, or dock feature on their layout is to be introduced from August 1 by JSModels. Cut from 2mm MDF, with 3mm MDF detailing, 220gsm card roofing slates, and acetate glazing, windows are separate from the main structure, allowing the frames to be painted before fitting. Doors can be modelled open or closed.

The new kits are said to be "well packaged, with parts on several A4 and A5-sized sprues, with detailed printed instructions." All buildings share a common architecture and dimensions, allowing modellers to ‘kit-bash’ them to different configurations.


(JSM13) Canal Warehouse Front



(JSM23) Canal Warehouse Back 1



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(JSM33) Canal Warehouse Back 2



(JSM43) Canal Warehouse End 1



(JSM53) Canal Warehouse End 2



For more information and availability, visit the website.


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