New van and yard details in N gauge from Osborns Models

22 July 2021
Osborn's has released lots of useful detailing products under their British Commercial Classics and Arch Laser brands for the modern image modeller.

First, we have a 3D-printed Renault scaffolding van and forklift, which will be available both painted and unpainted.

A3D121  Forklift (unpainted)  £6.95

A3D122  Forklift (fully finished) £9.00

A3D119 Scaffolding van (unpainted)  £8.95

A3D118 Scaffolding van (fully finished) £12.95

Next, there are four new laser cut products as well as some 3D-printed aggregate bags, these are used tyres, builders yard accessories and pallets:

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ARCHN061 N Gauge Pallets X 20  £4.95

ARCHN0063 N Gauge Tyres ( x 40) £4.95

ARCHN0065 N Gauge Builders Yard Accessory Pack £4.95

ARCHN0066 N Gauge 3 X Aggregate Bags (UNPAINTED) £4.95


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