New survey reveals number of grandchildren introduced to model-building by grandparents

06 June 2023
Research which surveyed grandparents and grandchildren shows how many inter-generational skills are passed on.

A new survey of 2000 grandchildren and 2000 grandparents has been commissioned by Legal & General, which shows how grandparents have been the inspiration behind countless hobbies and habits to last a lifetime.

The research highlighted a surge of interest in crafting among young people, with 14% of grandchildren saying that they learnt model building from their grandparents.

The survey was to understand the role of the grandparent in 2023. The survey explores the extent to which there are still opportunities for inter-generational sharing and was split into four themes – hobbies, values, time and influence. The results give an insight into the role grandparents play within families in 2023, and the lessons they pass on.

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Cooking / baking 








Sewing / knitting 




Model building 



At a time where many people are worried about screen time, it’s perhaps no surprise that tactile hobbies like crafting have become 'cool' in the eyes of a new generation of model-makers. And our grandparents’ influence remains important to this story.

Have you learnt skills from a grandparent, or are you teaching your grandchildren new skills? Let us know in the comments, below.

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My granddaughter has started showing an interest in my model railways and always comes upstairs to view my progress. My wife often cooks with our grandson. We seldom see our other two grandchildren!

Posted by Clive Richardson on Wed 07 Jun 07:48:17