New Signal Box kit from Dexters Cove

03 May 2022
The 3D-printing specialist has revealed a new LNWR Signal Box kit, which is available to order now.

Priced from £33, the new kit is available in both 3mm and 4mm scales and features laser-cut plastic walls and floors, detail parts and windows, roof slates made up of laser-cut self-adhesive strips, plus door and stair positions can be specified as left- or right-handed and an external toilet 'porch' option is also available.

The latest addition to the range is based on Llandrindod Wells No.1 Signal Box, originally at Brookland Road level crossing, which was closed in June 1986 and subsequently dismantled and re-erected on the down platform of Llandrindod Wells railway station.

For more details on all the above products, visit the manufacturer's website.

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