New rotary switches from Brimal Components

23 November 2021
This latest product from the model electronics specialist claims to take the stress out of wiring, removing a mirror image terminal issue that baffles many modellers.

The new rotary switches are manufactured here in the UK and are available in three configurations;

RS110 - 1 Pole 12 way

RS112 - 2 Pole  6 way

RS116  - 4 Pole  3 way

The use of these latest rotary switches from the manufacturer requires no soldering, with each terminal numbered from 1 to 12 and the commons A to D. To make life even simpler for the modeller, changing of the circuit can be done without removing it from the control panel and without needing a soldering iron. Just remember the switch rotates clockwise, so the numbering on the Printed Circuit Board is anticlockwise.

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Prices for the new rotary switches are currently £4.70 (not including postage and packaging), and mounting templates and indexing labels are available for the switches separately.

For the full specification of its new range of rotary switches, visit the Brimal Components website.

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