New releases from Mudmagnet Models

04 May 2022
A range of machine tools in 4mm and 7mm scales are now available from the supplier.

Mudmagnet Models has announced new scenic items now available in its range, all are 3D-printed in grey resin and unpainted.

New machinery tools include a Vertical Mill, a Turret Mill, Bench Drill, Donkey Saw, Fly Press and toolboxes, ideal interior detailing for any workshop or construction site cameos. 

Supplied ready-to-paint and highly detailed, Mudmagnet Models recommends acrylic paints, such as those from the Games Workshop range, but if unavailable, any quality acrylic paint is suitable.

The full list of new products and prices from the machine tools range are listed below.

7mm Part (Unpainted)

MMM-7T01 Vertical mill (unpainted) £10.00

MMM-7T02 Bench drill (unpainted) £6.50

MMM-7T03 Pillar drill (unpainted) £8.00

MMM-7T04 Tool box type 1 (unpainted) £1.25

MMM-7T05 Tool box type 2 (unpainted) £1.25

MMM-7T06 Bench vice type 1 (unpainted) £1.25

MMM-7T07 Turret mill (unpainted) £10.00

MMM-7T08 Colchester Lathe (unpainted) £10.00

MMM-7T09 Fly press (unpainted) £7.50

MMM-7T10 Donkey saw (unpainted) £7.50

MMM-7T11 Bench grinder (unpainted) £1.25

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MMM-7T14 Band saw c/w stands (unpainted) £8.00

MMM-7T15 MIG Welder trolley kit £9.00

MMM-7T16 MIG Welder bench kit £5.00

MMM-7TS01 Machinery Set 1 (Lathe, Pillar Drill, Vert Mill Turret Mill) £32.00

MMM-7TS02 Machinery Set 2 (Bench Drill, Tool Box x2, Vice, Fly Press and Grinder) £17.00

4mm Part (Unpainted)

MMM-4T01 Vertical mill (unpainted) £6.00

MMM-4T02 Bench drill (unpainted) £3.00

MMM-4T03 Pillar drill (unpainted) £4.50

MMM-4T04 Turret mill (unpainted) £6.00

MMM-4T08 Colchester Lathe (unpainted) £6.00

MMM-4T09 Fly press (unpainted) £4.50

MMM-4T10 Donkey saw (unpainted) £4.50

MMM-4T14 Band saw c/w stands (unpainted) £6.00

MMM-4TS01 Machinery Set 1 (Lathe, Pillar Drill, Vert Mill Turret Mill) £22.00

MMM-4TS02 Machinery Set 2 (Bench Drill and Fly Press) £7.50

Click here to go to the Mudmagnet Models website. 

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