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23 May 2022
Unpublished photographs from the 1950s and 1960s of the railways around Worcester, and a 20-year history of the East Coast Main Line – new books released from the publisher.

Fonthill media has released The East Coast Main Line 1939-1959 Volume 2 by B. W. L. Brooksbank and Peter Tuffrey.

In this second and final volume, the whole of the East Coast Main Line between King’s Cross and Edinburgh Waverley stations is examined closely, with a particular emphasis on the ways and structures: the line, stations, connections, yards and other physical features. Interposed are accounts of the traffic at the principal stations – including connecting and branch line services – with observations on changes over the period 1939 to 1959. Some emphasis is placed on freight traffic on account of its importance and, perhaps, its relative unfamiliarity to the reader. The lines, stations and many other elements are described as they were in August 1939, but as some plans on which they are based are dated before the late 1930s, there may be marginal differences from the precise layout in 1939.

Also available from the publisher this month is The Last Years of Steam Around Worcester, made possible from the photographic archive of Ellis James-Robertson. Written by Michael Clemens, the book features a wealth of previously unpublished images, many in full colour, with extended commentaries from the author, rich in detail. The new publication should be of interest to railway enthusiasts, local historians and modellers.

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For further details on both publications, visit the fonthill media website.


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