New Peel'n'Place Tuft range from Woodland Scenics

12 February 2020
Model different grassy plants quickly and easily with this new range from Woodland scenics.

A new range of ready-to-plant vegetation in a variety of colours and shapes. Each "tuft" can be plucked from its packing and placed on to the model landscape using the self-adhesive base.

The range contains:

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  • Light green grass tufts
  • Medium green grass tufts
  • Violet flowering tufts
  • Red flowering tufts (shown above)
  • Yellow seeding tufts
  • Brown seeding tufts
  • Light green prairie grass
  • Medium green prairie grass
  • Dark green prairie grass
  • Brown tipped prairie grass
  • Light green edging strips (seen below)
  • Medium green edging strips

Although aimed at the OO scale modeller, most of these will be useful as long grasses and flowers in N and short grasses and flowers in O. The flowering tufts and particularly attractive and not easy to produce yourself. As a quick way to add colour or texture to a model, they will be very useful. We particularly liked the edging strips which would work well along railway lines or roads. You could also use them around baseboard joints that are less than perfect as the long fibres will hide any gaps.

Prices are to be confirmed. The Tuft range will be available from Woodland Scenics dealers later this year.


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