New 'Peaks' for 'N'

10 September 2022
Rapido Trains UK breaks silence on project for Class 44, 45 and 46 locomotives in 2mm:1ft scale.

Rapido Trains UK is set to fill one of the biggest gaps in the ranks of diesel-outline locomotives for 2mm:1ft scale with a new family of ‘Peaks’. The RRP of models is yet to be set, with the order book not yet open. Models are still in the design phase of development, with models expected to arrive in 2023.

Rapido Trains Class 44

Rapido’s new models are set to feature detail differences, from plated-over steps on the body side, removal of inner sandboxes and extra steps on the bogies. Model specifications are to include:

  • Directional lighting
  • Next18 decoder socket
  • High-quality motor and drive mechanism for smooth running
  • DCC sound option
  • NEM coupling pockets
  • Separately-fitted handrails and wipers
  • A selection of discs to apply specific headcodes
  • Etched radiator fan grille with separate fan

Rapido Trains Class 44

The following variants of its Class 44 have been proposed:

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  • 948001: D1 Scafell Pike, plain BR green
  • 948002: D7 Ingleborough, plain BR green
  • 948003: D2 Helvellyn, BR green, SYP and white body stripe
  • 948004: D5 Cross Fell, BR green, SYP
  • 948005: 6/D6 Whernside, BR green, full yellow ends
  • 948006: 3 Skiddaw, BR blue
  • 948007: 44007 Ingleborough, BR blue
  • 948008: 440008/D8 Penyghent, preserved BR blue (1979-1981)
  • 948009: D4 Great Gable, BR blue (preserved 2022)

Rapido UK Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Foster said, “We’re going to offer all three classes of ‘Peak’ because they all share the same bodyshell and bogies. Our first release will be the head of the family, the Class 44. “We only started work on this project a month or so ago and we’re delighted with how well it’s progressing. Although there’s still a bit of work to do, the CAD images and renders show great promise. We’d like to thank the Peak Locomotive Company for assisting us with this exciting project.”

Rapido Trains Class 44

The 'Peak' nickname covered three distinct classes built by BR at Derby, as follows:

  • Class 44: ten built in 1959-1960; Sulzer 12LDA28A 2,300hp engine, Crompton-Parkinson electrical equipment
  • Class 45: 127 built (1960-62); Sulzer 12LDA28B 2,500hp engine, Crompton-Parkinson electrical equipment
  • Class 46: 56 built (1961-63); Sulzer 12LDA28B 2,500hp engine, Brush electrical equipment

All ten Class 44s were named after English and Welsh mountains, which gave rise to the ‘Peak’ nickname, subsequently applied to the Class 45s and 46s, too.

Details on the development of these models will appear on World-of-Railways when they become available.



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