New PCBs promise adjustable layout lighting

09 March 2022
Manufactured in the UK, Brimal Components' new units allow customisation of layout lighting accessories.

Electronic component specalist, Brimal Components, has released a new module allowing model lights to be better controlled on layouts.

Its new (BL400) Dual Style Room Lighting is a small, ultra-thin printed circuit board (PCB) with two LEDs and a connector. The PCB measures 30mm x 11.5mm and 0.8mm, with a 2.5mm diameter fixing hole. A stainless steel fixing screw is provided. Two LEDs are provided, one a yellow colour to simulate older sodium-style lighting, often seen through dirty windows of factories and sheds, while the other, a warm white is designed to simulate modern lighting.

Brimal Components BL400 with CN161

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An example of Brimal Components' new (BL400) Dual Style Room Lighting units in conjunction with (CN161) Dimmable LED Distribution Board.

Two separate circuits for each LED are provided – each LED can be powered directly from a 3-12VDC power source to give a constant light output, through an on board dropping resistor. Alternatively, each LED can be powered via Brimal Components' (CN161) – an eight-way Dimmable LED distribution Board with three brightness levels per channel, designed for buildings, street lights and security lighting.

For further details, pricing and availability, visit the Brimal Components' website.


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