New OO scale lattice footbridge kit from Severn Models

16 February 2022
Based on the bridges at New Milton and Addlestone, this etched brass kit is intended to sit on top of the station platform level, to span two tracks.

Details include etched mortar lines for all the brickwork, diamond pattern stair treads, fully overlapping lattice steelwork detail, angle iron framing, and many of the construction rivets.

Each brick stair has an overall footprint of approx 94 x 34mm, with the span between stairs is approx 165mm.

Severn Models would like to credit to the late J Douglas Smith, and his son Richard for the extensive notes, drawings and photos which have proved invaluable in the development of the kit.

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Supplied as a flat packed brass etch kit, requiring construction & painting, because of the fine details components, it is not recommended as a beginners kit. However, all the test building of the kit was done with superglue assembly - doing dry assemblies of parts, then adding drops of glue with the tip of a scriber. Capillary action draws the glue into the joints. BRM has handled the finished model and can confirm that the result feels very sturdy.


Techniques - Building the Severn Models N scale Pit Head kit.


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