New models join the Bachmann Collectors Club range for Summer 2024

02 May 2024
As part of Bachmann Europe’s latest British Railway Announcements, the Bachmann Collectors Club has published details of its new Limited Edition models for Summer 2024.

HRA wagon No. 41 70 6723 066-0 was outshopped in its unique green livery in 2021 as part of DB Cargo’s ‘Freight belongs on rail.’ campaign and remains in this livery with the campaign slogan emblazoned on either side today. The first HRA entered traffic in 2017, being created by cutting down the HTA coal wagons which had seen their traffic diminish. Repurposing HTA wagons for aggregate was inefficient as they could not be fully loaded before becoming overweight, therefore shortening the wagons allowed the same payload to be moved with a shorter length train than if unmodified HTAs were used. To create the HRAs, one hopper bay was removed from the HTA before the two ends were welded back together, and these changes are faithfully reproduced on the N and OO scale models. 

Just 504 models have been made in each scale and these are in stock now with the N scale version (373-865K) priced at £41.95 and the OO model (37-865K) £62.95. Both prices represent a 10% saving for Club members on the RRP of an equivalent main range item, and further savings can be made when purchasing four wagons, with four N scale wagons (373- 865K4) costing £160.00 and four OO versions (37-865K4) priced at £240.00. 

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The final Club model for Summer 2024 is the N Scale BR Mk1 BCK Brake Composite Corridor, which is finished in Pullman Umber and Cream livery as Car No. 356. This coach ran as part of the SLOA charter rake from the early 1980s onwards. 

The Steam Locomotive Operators Association (SLOA) was formed in 1975 to bring together steam locomotive owners and groups who wished to run on the main line. The SLOA recognised that the number of vacuum braked and steam-heated coaches were in decline in the 1970s so in 1981, in order to preserve steam haulage on the main line, they purchased a rake of eight Metropolitan Cammell Mark 1 Pullman vehicles. Two standard BR Mark 1 Brake Corridor Composite (BCK) vehicles were also sourced to provide the necessary guards’ accommodation. Having previously offered a model of one of the BCKs (Car No. 355), the Bachmann Collectors Club has produced the missing link with Car No. 356. Again, only 504 models have been made, which are in stock now priced to Club members at £42.95 (item No. 374-081K). 

Bachmann Collectors Club members can place orders online via New members can also join online and purchase from the growing range of Club exclusive models straight away. Orders and membership enquiries can also be made by telephone on 01455 245565.

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