New magnetic couplings for large-scale railway modellers

11 March 2023
Malcs Models has launched a range of magnetic couplings for 16mm and G scale modellers at the Midlands Garden Railway Show.

Using 3D-printed bodies, and substantial rare-earth magnets, the couplings are available in a variety of lengths to suit those with tighter curves on their line as well as a special swivel-end version for fitting to locomotives including the popular LGB Stainz.

In our tests, the couplings were happy to hold up to 2kg (4.5lbs), which should be plenty for a typical narrow-gauge train.

Designed to be screwed to the underside of rolling stock, we swapped the coupling on an LGB bolster wagon with the standard couplings using the existing screw. An added bonus is that standard LGB couplings will still connect with stock fitted with Malcs couplings, the hook neatly slotting into a void behind the magnets.

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Coupling is automatic, but to uncouple, you'll need to pull the two vehicles apart manually.

A pair of Standard couplings measure 90mm end to end, Close couplings are 70mm and long 105mm.

More details are available from the Malcs Models website.


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