New liveries unveiled for shunter

06 May 2022
Seven newly-announced liveries will widen the appeal of Dapol's Class 08 for 7mm:1ft scale, with deliveries expected late-2022/early-2023.

Dapol has revealed new identities which are to be applied to its Class 08 0-6-0 diesel electric shunter tooling for O gauge. The 7mm:1ft scale models have already appeared in common livery guises, from BR blue, to EWS, Railfreight triple grey, Freightliner, and Intercity. The artwork for seven new guises is said to be under review, and deliveries of this new batch of models is expected late-2022/early-2023.

The selected new liveries are as follows:

  • (7D-008-018) Class 08 D3156 BR green late crest no warning panels
  • (7D-008-018U) Class 08 BR green late crest no warning panels – unnumbered
  • (7D-008-019) Class 08 D3201 BR green late crest with wasp stripes
  • (7D-008-019U) Class 08 BR green late crest with wasp stripes – unnumbered
  • (7D-008-020) Class 08 08538 BR blue wasp stripes
  • (7D-008-020U) Class 08 BR blue wasp stripes – unnumbered
  • (7D-008-021) Class 08 08460 RSS Spirit of the oak

Dapol has highlighted that artworks shown are for illustration only, and may be subject to review and change/correction where necessary.

Dapol Class 08

Dapol Class 08

BR green liveries for the transition-era modeller should prove popular, and pre-ordering of models from your local stockist is advised.

The specification of models remains the same as previous iterations, notably:

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  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Die-cast running plate for weight
  • Independently controlled running and cab lights
  • Sprung metal coupling hook and screw coupling
  • Etched plates, where applicable
  • Finely moulded body with separately added fine details
  • Cast profiled wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring
  • Heavy die-cast chassis and all-wheel pick-up
  • A powerful five-pole skew-wound motor with refined slow running control

The British Rail Class 08 diesel-electric shunter is the most numerous of all British locomotive classes. In all 996 were produced between 1953 and 1962 at the BR works at Crewe, Darlington and Doncaster. The Class 08 became the standard BR Shunter and was a common sight at stations and freight yards until the 1990s. However, as the nature of the British Railways changed with fixed rakes of wagons and the introduction of multiple units, the requirements for shunting diminished and many Class 08 were either scrapped or sold overseas. The Class 08’s role as a shunter has been continued onto the heritage railways and over 60 have survived into preservation, making it the most numerous class of preserved locomotive.

For current pricing of the above models, see your local Dapol stockist.


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