New layout fuse boards launched

13 April 2022
Brimal Components' latest boards aim to prolong the lifespan of current-sensitive electronic components on layouts.

Model railway electronic manufacturing specialist, Brimal Components has released its FB350 series of fuse boards, available in a range of current ratings. The boards are designed to protect layout components from a potential power surge from a transformer output, helping to prolong the lifespan of sensitive components.

Measuring 92.5mm x 40mm x 15mm and manufactured in the UK, the boards have six automatically resettable thermal fuses. The boards can protect the output from a DC or DCC controller, a 5V or 12v DC accessory power source output, or the output of a 16V AC power source, simultaneously.

Brimal Components FB 350

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Andrew Duckworth of Brimal Components said, "You could have one power source feeding all six fuses which feed separate sections of the layout. Each resettable fuse has a ‘fuse OK’ indicator which can be mounted on the board or mounted on your control panel via a flying lead. The input and output terminals are rising clamp and rated at 16A and will accept up to 32/0.2mm wire. The fuse will trip at the 'trip currents' available, and will remain open circuit until the fault is removed. At this point the fuse will reset and restore power to the circuit.

Brimal is able to manufacture different current ‘trip points’ on each board, as per customer requirements, if required. For further details, and to see examples of applications of the new board, visit the Brimal Components website.

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