New Hornby OO Liverpool & Manchester Railway wagons

24 October 2023
These two most-recent packs representing wagons from over 190 years ago will complement other items in Hornby’s L&M Rly range and those of other manufacturers.

Both sets are beautifully-presented in ‘contemporary’ packaging and are lovely little models in their own right, an ideal pairing to a Stephenson’s rocket, or Lion.

All are exceptionally free-running, and very, very delicate (one horse wagon’s buffer was loose in the packaging – easily repaired with a dab of superglue). The horse wagon pack comes with little horses, and the instructions tell one how to get the vehicles’ bodies apart to contain the equine. The horses are ‘rubbery’ and won’t stand up without a dab of securing superglue. Tiny couplings are supplied for putting rakes together.

These are delightful little models, though be very careful in handling them.


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R60166 Horse Wagon Pack: £79.99

R60164 Coal Wagon Pack: £76.99

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