New from the Tramfabriek: MagnoLED

19 December 2023
Is this the perfect lighting solution for your coaches?

The Tramfabriek has released an all-in-one, single warm white LED with tiny battery. This LED is activated by waving a small magnet near it.

Stick it under the roof of a small coach in N, 009 or H0e, wave the wand with the magnet and it will light up the interior. No wires are needed and works for over 40 hours on one single battery.

Only 11mm in diameter, and 5mm thick, MagnoLED can be fixed under any coach roof. Since it is battery-powered, there's no need to add any wiring, or pickups to the wheels. In fact, as the unit is self-contained, there is no wiring at all!

MagnoLED is available singly, in packs of three, or as a starter pack complete with the magnetic stick to operate the lights.

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