New etched corrugated effect sheeting in 2 and 4mm scales

14 September 2021
After many requests from modellers, Severn Models has introduced a range of "wiggly tin" for both OO and N gauge workers

Several of the Severn Models buildings kits feature corrugated roof pieces, and many modellers asked if it was available as a sheet for building other corrugated structures, so Andy has added it to the range.

They are etched sheets with the corrugations at an appropriate pitch to represent the material in scale. The lines will hold ink washes well to give shading effects, and the ridges catch paint effectively for drybrush weathering techniques.

While they are scaled for OO and N, it is certainly possible to use them in other scales to represent larger or smaller corrugated sheet. For example, the OO version would also be good for larger ‘industrial’ sheeting in N scale.

Paint with metallic or rust colours for a metal roof, or grey shades to represent asbestos.

2 and 4mm scale corrugated iron sheeting

Severn Models  D22 - Corrugated Effect Sheeting

Scaled suitable for OO / 4mm layouts

Sheet size 182 x 85mm


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Severn Models  N34 - Corrugated Effect Sheeting

Scaled suitable for N / 2mm layouts

Sheet size 182 x 61mm



Techniques: Adding stone effect to a building.

Scratchbuilding a useful hut.


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