New depot details from West Hill Wagon Works

12 December 2022
We've just received a fresh batch of models in OO and TT120 for your motive power depot and station scenes.

First up, we have a set of pistons for a Class 45 or 47. 12 are provided, some with and some without the end caps fitted on the connecting rod shafts. There's also a selection of loose end caps to decorate the floor of your model workshop.

To keep things tidy, a pair of racks are included to hold the pistons

Finally, four piston liners are supplied. The whole set is perfect for a large diesel workshop showing locomotives undergoing maintenance.

Next, eight sets of connecting rods for smaller shunters. With holes at 20mm centres, they are almost right for an 08 shunter, but will look fine lined up on the supplied rack in the MPD and would be just as applicable for steam or diesel use.

Another possibility is using them tied up on the footplate of a shunter whose rods have been removed so it can be towed between its workplace, and the depot for maintenance. The low line speed of these locos normally lead to them being moved as part of a train rather than allowed to travel under their own power, and it was normal practise to remove the coupling rods for the journey.

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Finally, new to the TT120 range, a set of three British Rail Universal Trolley Equipment (BRUTE) trolleys.

Introduced in the early 1960s, they were designed to speed up the handling of parcels. Trolleys could be wheeled on and off specially modified vans, saving the time taken to load parcels individually. When not in use, they normally lived on station platforms, often providing a seat for train spotters.

A useful, and hard-wearing piece of equipment, some BRUTEs found their way into depots for carrying equipment and spares.


All the kits are 3D printed in resin and require their supports cutting away, and painting. More details can be found on the West Hill Wagon Works website.

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