New covered hopper from US manufacturer

12 January 2022
Arriving early April 2022 with North American dealers, American Limited is to produce variants of Trinity Rail's compact mineral hoppers.

American Limited has shared images of production models for Trinity Rail's 41ft 11in, 3281cu.ft. capacity two-bay covered hopper wagons. Introduced in the 1990s, their use has seen them carrying high-density minerals, from frack sand, to roofing granules and cement.

Based on similar, larger covered hoppers in the Trinity Rail catalog, these wagons are distinctive from earlier versions with an overhanging arched roof, heavy top reinforcement stiffener, and folded jack pads on the bolsters. The design has proven to be popular with shippers and railroads alike, with the Trinity two-bay hoppers seen traveling in manifest trains, in large cuts, and even in 'unit trains' hauling a single commodity.

American Models CIT Capital Trinity Rail

Models in this run are of the post-2005 wagon types and feature 100T roller bearing trucks with animated spinning bearing caps, photo-etched coupler cross-over and roof walk, scale lower shelf knuckle couplers without trim pin and wire-formed grab irons. Combinations on the tooling and liveries will see 54 different models produced. Road numbers are printed on trucks, with six road numbers per road name. Decorated livery samples for each model have been shown, which differ with two body styles – three or five round 30in loading hatches.

American Models GATX Trinity Rail

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Demand for the covered hoppers increased significantly when fracking became commonplace in North America. They are now a common sight on freight trains, many railroads and leasing companies employing large fleets of the wagons.

American Models Haliburton Trinity Rail

For more details, stockists and availability, visit the American Limited Models website.


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