New colour light signal controller from MegaPoints Controllers

18 August 2021
MegaPoints Controllers has announced the new AutoSignal, a modern image colour light controller for 2, 3, or 4 aspect colour light signals with feather indicator.

Designed for 12 Volt LEDs and available in common negative (common cathode) or common positive (common anode) signals, the new controller can connect to a number of sensors to read your layout, including DCC current sensing for automatic block occupancy, points position sensors for automatic feather switching and even an infra-red sensor for analogue layouts.

Available to order now and priced at £25.00, the new controller can manage 2, 3 or 4 aspect colour signals from N gauge to G.

AutoSignals connect together using off-the-shelf servo-type cables. The cable distributes power to other AutoSignals, so it’s only necessary to power one per connected chain. When multiple AutoSignals are connected, they automatically communicate with each other ensuring that the correct aspect is displayed based on track occupancy and position.

AutoSignal also features an adjustable timer mode for standalone operation or to simulate signals beyond a scenic section, plus a built-in circuit to operate an Automatic Brake Controller (ABC) via a connected relay, which enables trains to decelerate and stop at a red signal automatically.

Diverging junction routes are indicated by flashing yellow and flashing double yellow signals. At the feather signal, a yellow will give way to green as the train approaches, indicating the divergent route is clear.

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The new colour light signal controller was developed in conjunction with Pete Waterman for an exhibition this year and can be seen in action on his OO gauge layout at Chester Cathedral, which is on display until September 3. Full details of the event are available on the Cathedral website.

A feature on this amazing layout appeared in the August issue of BRM - grab yourself a digital copy here to read the article in full, including an exclusive interview with Pete and practical features from the model.

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