New addition to Hornby BR Standard 2MT range

19 January 2024
The subject of a full review in BRM March (out today digitally or on sale at shops next week), this is the very latest offering of this outstanding new model.

It represents one of a batch of Standard 2MT 2-6-0s built in 1955 for service on the Scottish Region of BR. For a time, it operated over the ex-Great North of Scotland routes in Aberdeenshire, allocated to Keith shed – hence the provision of a snowplough. Sadly, it only had a service life of a decade – a quarter of what might be expected from a steam locomotive.

All the extra parts have been fitted, including the snowplough. However, fitting the snowplough (which just clips into the NEM pocket on the pony truck) means that the locomotive will not negotiate any curve under a 4ft radius.

The application is exquisite, and the performance is exemplary.

Priced at £228.99 and available to order now, the 2MT has already proved a successful model for Hornby and is likely to sell out quickly.

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You can read more about the new Hornby 2MT in the March issue of BRM - available to download today! Click here to download the new issue! 

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