New A4 No. 4491 Commonwealth of Australia breaks cover

19 January 2024
One of the latest models to arrive at Margate is this magnificent new A4, joining the other hugely popular models in the range.

This is the latest manifestation of this popular model, representing one of the five A4s built in 1937 for hauling the ‘Coronation’ streamlined train on the ECML from London to Edinburgh. They were all named after countries in the British Empire at the time.

It’s not quite in as-built condition, for the tender top’s fairings have been cut back, making it suitable for the 1938-’39 period (during the War, the A4s were painted plain black). Performance and finish are exemplary, as you would expect.

Available to order now, priced at £217.99, in DCC Ready guise (21-pin), the OO LNER A4 Class range continues to sell well for Hornby, so make sure you get your order in quickly.

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