New 4mm scale mail and newspaper handling equipment

05 November 2021
Just released by West Hill Wagon Works, a range of trolleys, tugs, mailbags and piles of newspapers.

Both mail and newspaper trains used to be an important feature of night-time traffic at both large and small stations until relatively recently.

All this traffic required specialist equipment and many a trainspotter will have spent their days sat on the trolleys lined up on the ends of platforms. Moving these trolleys at a larger station would have been achieved using a powered "tug". You can still see the slopes for the underpasses that allowed these land trains to move around the site.

West Hill Wagon Works now offer 4mm scale, high-resolution 3D printed models of this important traffic.

Tugs are sold as four packs with both cabbed and open versions.

Platform trolleys are supplied in six-packs.

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Stacks of newspapers in tens, and mailbags are in packs of 14.

All models require painting.

More details are on the West Hill Wagonworks Website.

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