New 2024 kits from Metcalfe Models revealed

13 December 2023
Expected to be available during the early part of next year, the new kits have been designed as part of the new Industrial Revelations Range, which was released in November.

The two new kits will be available in OO and N gauge. The first is ‘Grimy Old Mill’; a large mill that can be built as a stand-alone building or low relief and used alongside other industrial buildings in the range.

The second release is an overbridge, a versatile bridge walkway as seen on many old and new factory and office buildings. Again, designed for use with any of Metcalfe’s other industrial buildings, the bridge can be fitted at different levels and angles.


Grimy Old Mill 

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  • 00 - PO290 £25.00
  • N - PN990 £18.00


  • 00 - PO402 - £8.50
  • N - PN992 - £7.50

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