Network Rail updates on Hope Valley Railway upgrade

11 January 2023
Work to remove historic bottlenecks, increase resilience and improve reliability continues as the new year begins.

Since May, engineers have been working around the clock on the rail line between Manchester and Sheffield to allow passenger trains to overtake slower freight trains along the line, as well improving signalling and providing several station upgrades.

The Hope Valley Railway Upgrade is designed to remove bottlenecks between Manchester and Sheffield to allow passenger trains to overtake slower freight trains along the line. The main improvements include: 

  • A new platform and accessible footbridge with lifts at Dore & Totley station 
  • A railway loop between Bamford and Hathersage 
  • A new overbridge at Hathersage West, replacing the current foot crossing to improve safety 
  • Signalling improvements along the line to improve reliability 
  • Platform extensions to allow for more carriages on services 

Once complete, the project is expected to deliver benefits for passengers in the North of England, with improved train reliability and an upgraded network to help meet future demands.

Temporary line closures expected

In January and February, several line closures will be required to allow the upgrade to continue, including renewing track and railway underbridge work at Dore & Totley station and earthworks near West View Lane ahead of the installation of new track.

The first phase of the installation of a passing loop which will allow faster trains to overtake slower trains at Bamford is set to be completed, while at Hathersage engineers will be lifting in the new footbridge to replace the current foot crossing, offering a safer route across the line for walkers.

Work will take place around the clock to reduce the length of time a section of the Hope Valley line will be closed.

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Passengers are advised to check National Rail Enquiries before they travel on the following days:

  • 11pm Friday 13th January - 5am Monday 16th January
  • 11pm Friday 20th January - 5am Monday 23rd January
  • 11pm Saturday 28th January - 5am Monday 30th January
  • 11pm Saturday 4th February – 5am Monday 6th February
  • 11pm Saturday 11th February - 5am Monday 13th February

Hannah Lomas, Principal Programme Sponsor for Network Rail said: “This is an important period for the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade, as various major projects on the line continue at pace.

"I’d like to thank the communities of the Hope Valley for their patience and support as we continue to upgrade this important line, improving reliability, increasing line resilience, and removing historic bottlenecks allowing faster journeys.”


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