Network Rail produces educational resources for children

25 January 2021
Seeking to inspire the next generation of railway engineers, while providing parents with online STEM material for children, many of whom are being home-schooled during lockdown, Network Rail creates an online educational series of activities.

Network Rail has added a number of STEM activities to its website, aimed at 7 to 16-year-olds. The pages are designed to help teach children about the planning, maintenance and operation of the railway via a number of different activities, while inspiring them to consider pursuing STEM, with a view to considering a career in engineering.

From a downloadable colouring-in book, recycling exercise, environmental-orientated games and STEM packs, the activities are numerous and are timely considering the number of children being schooled from home.

Network Rail STEM activity book

Its many online activities might be of interest to parents with bored children in lockdown, or might help inspire children to take up a STEM-based career to become an engineer.


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Network Rail STEM activity book

Other fun downloadable activities include how to make your own air blaster, wind-powered weightlifting and activity books.

Educational materials for primary school pupils, Key Stages 1 and 2 (Scotland P1 to P6) have been developed on rail safety too, raising awareness of electrification and level crossings, working with teachers and students.

For the full list of activities available, visit the Network Rail website.



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