Narrow Planet announce their first 4mm scale standard gauge loco kit

20 November 2019
Designed to appeal to those who are newcomers to kit building, this Hibberd "Planet" makes use of a RTR motor bogie and 3D printed body detailed with etch brass overlays.

F. C. Hibberd & Co Ltd was a British company founded in 1927 and built a large number of industrial petrol and diesel locomotives. The company used the 'Planet' name to market it's locomotives and the kit represents the 18-ton type that was built from the mid-1950s. The Royal Navy was a relatively large early customer with 10 going to the Devonport dockyard in Plymouth and 6 to Chatham.

The kit is comprised of a fret of etched nickel silver detail parts and a 3D printed plastic body shell and detailing parts. Only simple folding of these parts is required and they can all be glued in place. Narrow Planet recommends sparing use of liquid superglue for assembly, ideally using a bottle with a thin applicator nozzle. The kit is designed to fit a Tenshodo 24.5mm wheelbase chassis which will be available as a ‘complete kit’ including all required parts to complete.

The model will be on show, and for sale, at the Warley exhibition this weekend.

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Complete kit (with chassis) £110
Body kit only £80


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