N gauge graffiti transfers from Steadfast Models

01 July 2020
Graffiti is a sad fact of life and modern image modellers can't really avoid it. These transfers should make realistic urban scrawl easy to model.

Priced at £5 per pack, a sheet of handwritten markings that are applied to wagons working in engineering sites to convey information about the wagon’s load status, position in the train, instructions to loaders or even some witty comments between staff. ]

The sheet contains nearly 60 individual applications (some consisting of multiple decals) of the handwritten markings, most of which are from JNA NLU29xxx wagons (like the Dapol model), with a few from Coalfish (MHA / MPA / MFA / MTA) and Lobsters (MXA) for added variety.

Due to the fluid nature of these labels, the makers haven’t specified what comes from what type of wagon, as they’re all applicable to all wagon types.

These markings get written over and scribbled out, old ones are not removed so it is perfectly possible to have both loaded and empty written on the same wagon, or a wagon marked ‘scrap sleepers’ loaded with ballast!

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Also £5 per pack, N-JNAGR001, has some more specific markings, all aimed at the Dapol JNA Falcon model.

This covers five different wagons and includes several graffiti decals (though a lot of graffiti on these wagons seems to get painted over quite quickly) as well as one wagon that carries the ‘Scrap Use Only’ stickers.

Don’t let this restrict your use, as well as the expected loads of old rail and sleepers these wagons are often seen loaded with spoil or new ballast!

For more details, visit the Steadfast Models website.


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