Mudmagnet Models: further accessories join range

07 June 2023
Scale wheelbarrows, assortment of tools and opportunities for miniature cameos arise as latest creations displayed by manufacturer.

Scenic model accessory manufacturer, Mudmagnet Models has shown images of its latest 3D-printed resin creations for 7mm:1ft scale – a Garden Tool set (£8.00), and Workmen Tool set (£8.00).

Mudmagnet Model Garden Tool set

Its Garden Tool set contains a wheelbarrow, rake, fork, two types of shovel and an axe.

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Mudmagnet Models Workmen Tool set

Its Workmen Tool set has a wheelbarrow, two buckets, six lamps, an asphalt rake, a pick axe, two types of shovel, two types of Westcountry shovels and a brush.

3D resin-printed, and supplied unpainted, the items are available to order now from stock.

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