"Mostyn 7" van kit released in 16mm scale

06 November 2020
Inspired by a feature on scratchbuilding road vehicles in the August issue of Garden Rail, this frelance van kit is now available as a 3D printed kit.

The original design, by regular contributor Dave Skertchly, was intended to be built from plywood and cardboard.

Plans were made available on RMweb, and these inspired Wayne Poultney to turn the model into a kit as part of his range. After discussions with Dave, who has been involved in test building the initial prints, the model is now available for sale.

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Price is £30 and you can find the full details here.

We'll be publishing a full review in a future issue of Garden Rail magazine.

The original article can be found in the August 2020 issue - available in digital and print versions from our store.


It's on the website - https://www.3dwayne.co.uk/16mm-scale?pgid=kgbyuuov-dfc0326a-4e94-4c71-abb2-79c9f94fd74b

Posted by Phil Parker on Sat 07 Nov 12:02:04

So how do I order this? Geoff

Posted by Geoff Mclaurin on Fri 06 Nov 19:26:39