Modelu unveils new figure ranges for 2020

16 January 2020
The miniature figure specialist reveals more than 100 new figures, due for release early 2020.

Modelu has unveiled scans of people to be 3D printed in new ranges for 2020. The new ranges commences with eight 'modern image' driver poses designed for Colas, DRS, Freightliner or GBRf Class 66s. The scans are of a driver who works on Class 66s (amongst others) for DRS. Modelu says these were designed for Hattons Class 66, but will be suited to many others.

Modelu driver figures

Modelu driver figures


Expected to arrive later in January/early February are 50 new 'Pendon' figures, including seated passengers.

Modelu Pendon figures

Modelu Pendon figures

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Due to arrive mid-Febuary are 30 'Ragged Victorians'...

Modelu Ragged Victorians 1

Modelu Ragged Victorians 2

Modelu Ragged Victorians 3


In other news, the manufacturer is to relocate to Bristol and attend the Houten show in Holland on February 20-22. For more details, pricing and availability of these new figures, visit the Modelu website.


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