Modeltech reveals innovative rail aligner

09 September 2020
This new range of rail aligners from ModelTech are designed as a replacement to sleepers at the end of a baseboard.

Market newcomer, Modeltech has unveiled an innovative solution for aligning track at the edge of a baseboard. Designed to prevent rails from parting from their plastic sleepers and to keep them in-line when reassembling baseboards, the new range of rail aligners replace sleepers at the end of a baseboard. The components are available for N, HO/OO, OO, O, OO9 and O-16.5 track gauges.

modeltech baseboard joiners

Rails are soldered to the units, ensuring a correct back-to-back measurement is maintained, pinning each unit to its respective baseboard and the jigsaw teeth help correct alignment each time the boards are re-assembled.   

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Pack contents vary between scales. For current pricing and availability, visit its website.



These are a complete waste of time. They are not rail joiners and as far as I can make out you have to solder track to each section making sure its absolutely spot on. There are no instructions and nothing to point out that these are basically templates that do not contain any rail. Looking at the picture I incorrectly assumed that it was showing the underside of the track, you just join your track to these ends and then when the baseboard is matched to its neighbours the line fits neatly and precisely. There is no advantage in using these compared to laying your track across the join and then cutting it. Maybe I'm missing the point here but by needing to solder track directly to these sleepers you are opening the possibility of serious misalignment and cutting the rail too short.

Posted by Robert Watts on Thu 10 Dec 14:12:02