Models of famous pub out now

05 September 2023
Dudley's recently-demolished 'The Crooked House' pub immortalised in multiple scales via new 3D-printed models.

Inoxion Models has created a new 3D-printed model available in 2mm:1ft, 3mm:1ft, 3.5mm:1ft and 4mm:1ft scales based on the now demolished 'The Crooked House' pub in Dudley.

With its iconic off-kilter and wonky appearance, space for LED lighting has been included in the design. The building is designed to work alongside other kits in the Inoxion Models range such as its (FM002) Row House and (FM004) Terrace House. Windows aren't part of the print and need to be cut out separately from a transparent sheet material.

Inoxion Models The crooked house pub dudley demolished kit model

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3D-printed model of the now demolished 'The Crooked House' pub in Dudley by Inoxion Models.

A tool is provided to help cut windows to the correct size. Where possible clearances have been included to aid assembly. The model is supplied as an unpainted 3D-printed item, supplied in resin, ready to be painted with acrylic or enamel paints and may need some sanding and filling.

The kits are available from Scale3D, with the following variants:

  • (FM104) OO scale – £24.99 (£59.99 painted)
  • (HM104) N scale – £9.99
  • (GM104) TT scale/1:100 scale – £12.99
  • (FM104) HO scale – £19.99

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