Model Tram, Bus and Railway Exhibition at the Crich Tramway Village

30 May 2024
A Model Tram, Bus and Railway Exhibition will be held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August 2024, 10am to 5pm both days.

A total of 11 layouts will be present at the Exhibition, which includes:

Stockport Corporation Tramways, a large 1/16 scale layout with a variety of different classes of tram as running in Stockport in the winter of 1936-37.

Legotown Tramway, the layout depicts the terminus loop of the Legotown tramway in a seaside/park setting. Trams run end to end and around a turning loop (Blackpool style). The trams are original Lego designs based on actual tramcars.

Rainy City is a slice of Manchester in the 1920s/30s. It does not depict a specific location but draws on themes from the area. Depicting an industrial landscape dominated by mills, factories and railways. Trams running are from Manchester and the surrounding local authorities, which worked together to allow travel between the towns and cities.

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Florin Street is an attempt to capture the feel of Leeds Tramways around Sovereign Street in the years 1948-54.

Event organiser, John Huddlestone said: “The Model Tram, Bus and Railway Exhibition has grown in popularity every year since we started it, and we are attracting new models again this year”.

Normal museum entry charges apply.


Unfortunately, being in Australia I cannot attend but would have love to have done so All have a good exhibition and Time. Parko

Posted by Brian Parkinson on Sun 09 Jun 10:11:54