Model shop claims: "will no longer sell Humbrol products"

06 April 2022
Test Valley Models removes Humbrol enamel paints from sale following reclassification of a chemical under new regulations.

A model shop has said it is to no longer stock Humbrol products, and is also said to be reassessing its position on stocking products from Humbrol's parent group of companies, Hornby.

Test Valley Models of Andover posted the news to its website, triggered by a change in regulations which it says has left it with paint which can't be sold to customers by law after March 1, under Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations.

Test Valley Models said, "We have received information from Hornby with regard to the current situation with their Humbrol branded enamel paints. Customers are advised not to continue to use Humbrol enamels until further notice, and to seek alternative paints. Test Valley Models has by law had to remove all Humbrol enamel paints from sale."

Test Valley Models Humbrol paint

Test Valley Models of 23, The Chantry Centre, Chantry St, Andover, stocks a variety of wargaming, plastic kits and model scenery items. 

Hornby's statement on its Humbrol Enamel range of products issued to the model shop was as follows:
"The CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) Regulation regularly assesses and occasionally reclassifies chemicals. “Meko”, a popular anti-skinning agent, extensively used in the paint industry has been reclassified under CLP. The change in classification resulted in the substance being phased out for supply to the consumer in Europe. The affected paint cannot be sold to the general public after 1st March 2022 under the REACH Regulation."

Test Valley Models has said that Humbrol isn't offering retailers a credit or any form of reimbursement for stock purchased before January 1, 2022, and that "as such, from March 30 2022 Test Valley Models will no longer sell any Humbrol products."

The retailer ended its statement with, "As Humbrol are part of the Hornby group of companies, Test Valley Models is also considering its position on stocking any Hornby group related products."


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