Model locomotive nameplates for charity

11 October 2022
Etched Great Western Railway-style name and numberplates manufactured for 'OO', with profits donated to hospice.

Railwaymania has manufactured etched Great Western Railway-style name and numberplates to commemorate the ascendance of King Charles III to the throne. Created by railway podcast producer, Corwin Bainbridge, the items are designed to glue directly over the Hornby name/numberplates and as such are quite thin, requiring careful handling. All profits from the sale of the plate sets will go to the Jessie May Children's Hospice at Home.

Railwaymania podcast nameplates

Two number options are available:

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  • 6027 follows on from the GWR’s tradition of renaming the next highest number King Class locomotive (6029 King Stephen became King Edward VIII, 6028 King Henry II became King George VI), in this case King Richard I would be renamed King Charles III.
  • 6030 is an additional locomotive, adding one onto the existing 6000-6029 series.

Two nameplates are supplied, with two cabside numberplates. For those modelling British Railways era, a smokebox numberplate is also included. The £9.50 price includes UK postage.

For further details, visit the Railwaymania website.


@Dennis it's

Posted by Corwin Bainbridge on Thu 10 Nov 23:23:40

Perhaps you could direct me to the railwaymania website

Posted by Dennis Williams on Thu 03 Nov 20:15:34

Wow! The nameplates look very nice indeed, but are any of the heritage railways going to rename their King class GWR locos?

Posted by William Tranter on Sat 15 Oct 10:34:59