Missed Warley 2019? Here's our new RTR product roundup...

25 November 2019
The UK's largest gathering of model railways, manufacturers, retailers, trade stands, demonstrators and societies took place on November 23-24. Howard Smith gives an oversight on what you might have missed...

The Warley National 2019 show was busy, the atmosphere brimming with excitement as new announcements were made from manufacturers and retailers alike. With many sample products on display and new announcements made, it can be difficult to remember who's producing what and when it's arriving - even if you went to the show! Here's a roundup...


The manufacturer unveiled plans for five more liveries for its Class 66, ahead of its full 2020 product announcement on January 6. New liveries include:

(R3922) G&W/Freightliner 66623

(R3923) Ocean Network Express 66587

(R3951) GBRf 66780 The Cemex Express

(R3950) GBRf/Belmond Royal Scotsman 66743

(R3950A) GBRF/Belmond Royal Scotsman 66746

Hornby Class 66

From its International brand, a manually-operated container loading crane from the Lima range was on-show, which retails with two HO scale containers. Partial assembly is required and it can be adapted to handle OO scale containers. Also seen on its stand was a model of the German railgun 'The Leopold', now re-introduced under the Rivarossi umbrella. See more in our video here.

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Oxford Rail

Decorated samples of its J27 were on show which is expected to arrive mid-2020.


Decorated samples of its MR/LMS 1P 0-4-4T locomotive were on show, an early 3D print of its Quarry Hunslet in 009 demonstrating progress. Joining this was an engineering protoype of its Class 319 for N gauge, V2 for OO gauge and a decorated sample of its GWR 94XX 0-6-0T. See more in our video here.

Bachmann V2

Engineering Prototype of Bachmann V2.


Announced was a four bogie, eight-axle KUA nuclear flask wagon, as used between Royal Navy nuclear submarine sites and Sellafield. CAD artwork for the models has neared completion and models are to be retailed as a twin-pack, with the option for a simple conversion to EM or P4 wheelsets. A 3D-print of its Class 37/6 was displayed, alongside EPs for its forthcoming Deltic, PTA/JTA/JUA hoppers, plus 3D-prints of its JSA coil wagons.

Accurascale KUA flask

Accurascale KUA flash wagon announced at the show.


A first working prototype of Heljan's second 009 gauge locomotive, the Lyton & Barnstaple 2-4-2 'Lyn' was on display. Announced a year ago, tests have identified modifications required to the design before the model proceeds to the decoration sample stage. Delivery is anticipated for Q3, 2020.

Also on display was an EP of its Mk. 1 coach with B4 bogies, decorated samples of its forthcoming newly-tooled Class 33/0, plus EPs of its newly-tooled (refurbished) Class 31/1 and Class 117. See more in our video here.

Class 33

Heljan Class 33/0

Heljan O gauge Class 33/0 EP


Class 31

Heljan O gauge Class 31/1 EP


Heljan Class 117

Heljan O gauge Class 117 EP


Heljan OO samples

Heljan OO gauge samples of its updated Class 33/0, Class 25 and 86/0, all due for release in 2020.


Heljan Class 17

First EP of Heljan's O gauge Class 17.


New O gauge buildings announced, to be designed and moulded in the UK and released as kits. Its OO gauge GWR 2-6-0 'Mogul' samples were on display, too.

Dapol 2-6-0 Mogul

Dapol OO gauge GWR 2-6-0 'Mogul' decorated samples

Dapol O gauge buildings

CAD artwork for Dapol's modular O gauge building kits.


On show were final decorated samples of its forthcoming Class 66 locomotive, expected to arrive December 2019/ January 2020. Seen bottom right, a first look at its locomotive in Freightliner Powerhaul livery. Its A3 locomotives were on display too - read our review in the February 2020 issue of BRM!

Hattons Class 66

Hattons Class 66

Final decorated samples of Hatton's Class 66.

Revolution Trains

Samples of its N gauge KFA container flat, a decorated sample of its OO gauge IZA Cargowaggon twins for Kernow Model Rail Centre, an EP of its OO gauge TEA tank and a weathered sample of Sonic Models' forthcoming N gauge 56XX were on show.

Revolution KFA

Revolution KFA

Revolution Trains N gauge KFA.

Kernow Model Rail IZA

Decorated sample of Kernow Model Rail Centre's forthcoming IZA Cargowaggon Twins.

Sonic Models 56XX

Weathered sample of Sonic Models N gauge GWR 56XX 0-6-2T.

Revolution Models TEA

Revolution Trains OO gauge TEA wagon.

Rails of Sheffield

EP of its Railcar was on display - watch a video of it, here.

Rails of Sheffield

KR Models

First working EP of its GT3 Gas Turbine locomotive was seen running. See this in action and plenty more in our video, here.

KR Models

Locomotion Models

Locomotion models announced at the show an exclusive OO gauge commission of Great Western Railway 94XX Class 0-6-0T No. 9400 from Bachmann Europe Plc. Read more here.

Locomotion Models 94XX


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