Mineral wagon and iron ore hopper to join Dapol range

12 June 2023
Inbound for later this year, Chirk unveils new tooling for 7mm:1ft scale rolling stock.

Dapol is to produce models for 7mm:1ft scale/O gauge of the Charles Roberts 14T (later uprated to 16T) slope-sided mineral wagon, and 22-24T iron ore hopper. 

Tooled, with photographs of samples shown, models are currently said to be under evaluation at present, with delivery expected in Q4, 2023. Its diagram 1/100 slope-sided mineral wagon is to carry an RRP of £60.00, with its more-complex shaped diagram 1/162 iron ore hopper sitting a little higher at £70.00 RRP.

Variants announced as part of its first run of the wagons are as follows:

Dapol slope sided mineral wagon

(7F-041-001) 14T Slope Sided Mineral bauxite MWT 7326
(7F-041-002) 14T Slope Sided Mineral bauxite 33457 Charles Roberts & Co.
(7F-041-003) 14T Slope Sided Mineral bauxite MOT 23763
(7F-041-004) 14T Slope Sided Mineral BR grey B11532
(7F-041-005) 14T Slope Sided Mineral black 9151 Denaby
(7F-041-006) 14T Slope Sided Mineral black 550 Tarmac
(7F-041-007) 14T Slope Sided Mineral green 100 Stewart & Lloyd
(7F-041-008) 14T Slope Sided Mineral BR grey B197525

Dapol steel hopper wagon

(7F-033-001) 24T Steel Hopper BR bauxite B435007
(7F-033-002) 24T Steel Hopper BR grey B436275 (as at Rutland)
(7F-033-003) 24T Steel Hopper grey B436917 Empty to Ardley WR
(7F-033-004) 24T Steel Hopper bauxite B437221 Sand Max Speed 35
(7F-033-005) 24T Steel Hopper grey B435549 Ore Hop Max Speed 35
(7F-033-006) 24T Steel Hopper red oxide 279 Iron Ore BISC
(7F-033-007) 24T Steel Hopper red oxide 2512 Richard Thomas

Brief history

7F-041-007 22T Strewarts and Lloyds Green No 100

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(7F-041-007) 14T slope sided mineral Stewarts and Lloyds green No. 100.

The 14T slope sided mineral wagons were designed and patented by Charles Roberts in 1935 and prior to the war many could be seen in Private owner liveries. The MWT (Ministry of War Transport) ordered 9,000 wagons in 1943, however only 7,000 were completed by nationalization. BR later designated these wagons to Diagram 1/100, and uprated them to 16T. Four further batches were ordered in 1946 with many lasting into the 1960s.

Dapol 7F-033-007 Richard Thomas 2152 Red

(7F-033-007) 24T steel hopper red oxide Richard Thomas 2152 red.

Charles Roberts built 1,000 22T hopper wagons to Diagram 161 in 1949, and a year later 1,500 were built to Diagram 1/162, uprated to 24T. These were built by Charles Roberts, and Cambrian with Birmingham upgrading 500 of the 22T 1/161 wagons. They were initially used for iron ore traffic and latterly limestone, chalk and sand.

Read more about these wagons as their development progresses on World of Railways.

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