Locomotive yard restoration fund launched

26 May 2022
Fundraising for the restoration of Bridgnorth Locomotive Yard commences, led by the Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust.

The Severn Valley Railway has launched a major appeal for £500,000 to restore its locomotive yard in Bridgnorth.  The yard, which is used daily for steam locomotive servicing and maintenance, is in desperate need of repair and is vital for the operation of the entire railway.

“The current track was laid in the 1970s using second-hand materials and, through extensive care, has lasted 50 years, which was much longer than we might have expected,” said Martin White, head of engineering.

“However the end of its life is now rapidly approaching. Track work and points are wearing out fast, and drainage across the yard is clogged, accelerating the deterioration of the sleepers. If the track work deteriorates much further, locomotives won’t be able to get into the works for maintenance nor have access to the water, coaling and facilities used daily for locomotive preparation. This would have a severe impact on our ability to run services.”

Martin White Severn Valley Railway

Martin White with worn-out track in the locomotive yard. LORETTA MILAN

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Volunteers with permanent way expertise have developed the most efficient solution. They’re ready to oversee the work, with the same dedication, care and professionalism that has enabled the completion of a number of other important restoration projects across the Railway. One of these, Falling Sands Viaduct, was made possible with the support of generous donors. Every donation will help ensure locomotives that rely on the yard can continue running.

Severn Valley Railway locomotive yard

View of the SVR's locomotive yard at Bridgnorth, as locomotives are prepared for the day's services. SVR ARCHIVE

Those who donate £100 or more will receive a special edition of the official SVR 2022 season poster as a thank you. The poster features 4930 Hagley Hall, a popular locomotive that is re-entering steam in 2022 after 36 years. Hagley Hall will be a regular visitor to the locomotive yard.

To read more about the project or to make a donations, visit the Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust website.


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