Locomotion Models reveals new van and wagon additions for 2024

13 December 2023
Locomotion Models has revealed the latest additions to the National Collection in Miniature will be a LNWR Diagram 88 Van LNWR Livery No.21408 and a LMS 25T LOWMAC wagon BR Bauxite No.M700728.

Produced by Rapido, both museum-condition models are available to preorder and are expected to be delivered in early 2024.

The LNWR Van was first introduced in 1908 by the London Northwestern Railway, and quickly became their company standard, with over 6000 being produced at the LNWR Earlestown Works and through outside contractors. Examples of these vans remained in service until the 1960s under British Railways, but a number went on to departmental and private service.

Several of these vans have been preserved, including No.21408, which is now in residence at the National Railway Museum in York. 

The LMS 25T LOWMAC wagon, characterised by its flatbed design with a lowered floor, was specifically designed to transport vehicles or equipment exceeding the typical height limit of standard flatbed wagons. The term LOWMAC originated from the telegraphic expression employed by the Great Western Railways, referring to wagons designed for carrying 'low machinery.' These wagons were extensively utilised from the 1890s to the 1950s, serving their purpose until the advancement of road transport, which could handle the transportation of machinery and vehicles. Consequently, with the exception of preserved railways, all wagons were retired from active service. Currently, LMS 25T LOWMAC Wagon No. M70028 is preserved at Locomotion in Shildon.

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Priced at £32.95 for the LNWR Diagram 88 Van and £39.95 for the LOWMAC wagon, the new models are available to pre-order directly from the Locomotion Models website.

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