Locomotion Models receives 'Deltic' livery samples

16 February 2021
Produced in conjunction with Rails of Sheffield and the Deltic Preservation Society, Locomotion Models receives decorated samples of its forthcoming ECML workhorses for 'OO'.

Locomotion Models has received images of livery samples from Accurascale for its commissioned exclusive edition models of preserved Class 55 ‘Deltic’ locomotives. The models are being produced in conjunction with Rails of Sheffield, which has also revealed its samples – see our social media feed – and The Deltic Preservation Society.

The Locomotion Models versions represent the National Collections' Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in two of its livery guises:

Locomotion Models Deltic

D9002 'Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' in two-tone green livery as currently preserved and running on the National Network (Era 9).

Locomotion Models Deltic

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D9002 ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’ in two-tone green (1980) with full yellow ends as repainted for its final thirteen months in traffic before withdrawal on December 31, 1981. Its repaint was paid for with the aid of a grant from the Friends of the National Railway Museum (Era 7).

Livery samples are said to be en-route to Locomotion Models, and will undergo evaluation before being cleared for production. Locomotion Models highlighted that the models didn't have buffers fitted at the time of photography.

For further details on the models being produced, visit the Locomotion Models website.




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