Lineside hut and oil drums arrive in stock

12 May 2022
Scale Model Scenery's latest scenic arrivals spell opportunities for many layout and diorama cameos.

Scale Model Scenery has highlighted scenic accessories which are now in stock. Its (LX469-OO) Small Lineside Hut contains two laser-cut buildings, which can be used lineside as intended, or repurposed as an outbuilding or shed. Measuring 49mm x 34mm, with a height of 31mm, the 4mm:1ft scale kits can be assembled using an adhesive for laser-cut wooden kits. 

Scale Model Scenery says that the huts are "straightforward to build and feature engraved brickwork, finely-detailed windows, doors and fascia boards, with an optional base."

The kits are supplied unpainted, though its photograph illustrates how an assembled kit can look, if painted.

Scale Model Scenery AX162-OO

Also in stock with the manufacturer are 4mm:1ft scale 3D-printed 55 Gallon Drums in 'bare metal'. The pack of eight items (AX162-OO) requires a minimum of sanding to smooth edges. The manufacturer says that items can be "used straight from the pack or painted and weathered with acrylic paints". For authenticity, we'd recommend painting prior to installing on a layout.

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The barrels will be of use to modellers seeking to detail depots, garages, workshops and industrial scenes. Items could be stacked on pallets, or stand one in the corner of a garage, or use them as a lorry or wagon load.

For current pricing and availability of the above items, visit the Scale Model Scenery website.


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