Lifecolor adds new paint sets

31 December 2021
The Italian model paint manufacturer's latest packs should be of interest to model-makers with a military and railway interest.

Acrylic paint manufacturer, Lifecolor has widened its paint pack offerings, with several new additions. Its German Military WWII Uniforms (LC-CS55) and US Navy (LC-CS52) are more useful to military modellers with an interest in dioramas, though could be used on a British layout if modelling the preparation of the Normandy landings, or German prisoners of war, still in uniform – scenes which occurred, but are rarely modelled.

Their initial use aside, both provide muted colour tones suitable for period passenger clothing in the 1930s and 1940s.

Lifecolor LC-CS53 LC-CS54 NMM Gold & steel

Perhaps more interesting however, is Lifecolor's new Non-Metallic Metal (NMM) colours. Gold (LS-CS53) and Steel (LC-CS54) join its useful collection of metallic colour packs. From polished metal components, to steel coils on wagons, worn locomotive tread plates and more, colours in the packs can be mixed to alter tones. Each set contains six colour pots, pigments being created from research. Paints are water-borne and brushes can be washed in water, making clean-up easier.

Lifecolor NMM Gold

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Lifecolor NMM Steel

For more details on the new colour packs, including current pricing, visit the Airbrush Company website.


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