Legacy Models wired rail joiners – out now

13 July 2022
Pre-soldered, wired rail connectors in stock with the manufacturer, designed to make life for the modeller easier.

DCC Concepts has released packs of track feed wires pre-soldered to its Legacy Rail Joiners. Supplied in a pack of six, in Code 75 or 100 profiles, the conductive rail joiners are designed to speed up the track-laying process, while ensuring sufficient 'dropper wires' are provided on the layout.

Packs are compatible with Legacy Models or Peco Code 75 or 100 track profiles, and each pre-soldered rail joiner is supplied on a 300mm length of wire, which should provide enough cable to go through even the tallest of scenery on an elevated section of track.

The new packs join its rapidly-expanding Legacy Models range of products, which includes high-nickel content rail in Code 75 and 100, in bullhead and flat-bottom profiles, with a choice of sleeper types, too. 

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No soldering is necessary, saving the modeller time, and providing the less-confident modeller with a more accessible solution to soldering. Wires can be extended using the manufacturer's iLink Connectors (DCW-iL.25) and DCC Concepts red and black dropper wire (DCW-DSRED50 / DCW-DSBK50).

For best results, we recommend a minimum of one dropper wire per rail, per yard section of track, which is guaranteed if using these packs to connect standard yard lengths of rail.

For further details and pricing, visit the DCC Concepts website, or see your local DCC Concepts stockist.


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