Legacy Models unveils Powerpoint Dowels

14 December 2020
Baseboard alignment dowels that double-up as electrical connections – these new arrivals from the manufacturer aim to eliminate between-board wiring, for good.

Legacy Models, sister company to DCC Concepts has released a new product which aligns baseboards and conducts electricity. Designed to eliminate 'between board' connections for DCC users when used to connect bus wires together, the dowels can also be used on simple DC-controlled layouts, too.

Working like a plug and socket, connectors are gold-plated for corrosion-resistance and electrical conductivity, with the male connector sprung to guarantee reliable contact. The connections are rated at more than 5A of power and are compatible with DCC Concepts' baseboard dowels. Sold in packs of two (LM-PP.2) or four (LM-PP.4), the units are now in stock with your local DCC Concepts stockist, or can be purchased via the DCC Concepts website.

powerpoints DCCConcepts

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The manufacturer said, "Only top quality materials are used. Electrical parts are gold-plated so they will never tarnish or lose conductivity. PowerPoints can also be disassembled for cleaning or lubrication if needed, and we even supply you with spare parts in the pack. They really are designed to last forever!"

DCC Concepts has outlined its guide for installing the connectors which can be read on its website. For more details, including current pricing and availability, see your local DCC Concepts stockist or visit the DCC Concepts website.


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