Legacy Models reveals 'Intelligent Detector'

03 December 2020
The sister company to DCC Concepts is to release its LM-iD, an object sensor which can be used to provide feedback for rolling stock detection or layout automation purposes.

Arriving in stock with DCC Concepts and its retail network is the LM-iD Detector from Legacy Models. Said to be the first of a number of new arrivals from the manufacturer, this detector promises simple installation and reliable detection as its main features.

LM-iD is said to detect anything that alters the electrical state in a track section. Examples are powered items such as locomotives, illuminated coaches or rolling stock with resistive wheelsets – even a single tail lamp or a lamp in a guard's van. Feedback outputs can be connected to control panel LEDs, or a computer automation system, for instance.

Wires can be connected to the labelled screw-terminal PCB, so no soldering is required. The manufacturer has designed the new device to work with one wire, an isolation gap in a rail, and re-routing an existing dropper wire.

DCC Concepts Legacy Models LM-iD detector interface

Legacy Models' design doesn't require soldering wires to the PCB, or adding extra circuit boards to drive powered devices. The PCB has labelled terminals, too.

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DCC Concepts Legacy Models LM-iD detector interface

Commenting on the new device, DCC Concepts said, "It only needs the simplest of wiring. It has incredibly easy installation needs and everything needed to give you interactive detection is already there, including connections for LEDs on a control panel that show where your trains are and occupancy LEDs for hidden sidings. It can trigger turnouts to change points, drive relays and motors on demand and will provide feedback to the many computer systems and on-screen display control systems now available if you also have the required interfaces."

For more information, including circuit diagrams, current pricing and availability, visit your local stockist, or the DCC Concepts website.


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