Legacy Models creates track components

04 February 2021
A new suite of chairs, sleepers and frets arriving with DCC Concepts stockists will enable modellers to create their own custom track.

Legacy Models, a sister-brand of DCC Concepts has added four products to a new range of track components, allowing modellers to create more authentic-looking custom track, and as an alternative to commonly-used Set-track or Flexi-track.

Legacy Models LM-TK1

LM-TK1 provides modellers with four frets, each containing 22 4mm:1ft scale sleepers, each 1.6mm thick. The pack of 88 sleepers are manufactured from fibreglass, are designed so they will never curl and are pre-etched, so needn't be cut to isolate rails. Legacy Models has designed these for "easy soldering" and says they are suitable for use with Bullhead rail with chairs, and flat-bottom rail in Code 75 or 100.

Legacy Models LM-TK2

Legacy Models LM-TK2 provides 22 of its sleepers with 40 finely-cast brass rail chairs, scaled from original drawings. DCC Concepts said, "There is no flash on these chairs, which are created using fine jewellery techniques and no clean up is required."

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The same is also available in a pack of 88 sleepers, with 80 chairs (LM-TK3).

Legacy Models LM-TK4

Chairs are also available separately in a pack of 100 (LM-TK4).

Commenting on the new range, Richard Johnson of DCC Concepts said, "it’s a massively complex project, we have already completed more than 100 different 3D-CAD drawings for all of the special chairs needed for turnouts of all types at several frog angles including, single and double slips, diamonds  three-way turnouts and other forms of special track.

So, it's all ready for tooling and production. Additionally, we already have pre-cut frets for may forms of point-work and have also modified all of the templates in our library, ready to upload them with correct chair numbers, worked out how many of each would be needed for a kit… but that’s a later story!"

For further details, including pricing and availability, visit the DCC Concepts website, or see your local stockist.


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