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09 March 2023
This week's new scenic accessories for 2mm:1ft, 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales from Scale Model Scenery...

A diverse collection of layout accessories has been released this week by scenic manufacturing specialist, Model Railway Scenery. Covering 2mm:1ft (N), 4mm:1ft (OO), and 7mm:1ft (O) scales, the following items are now in its range:

For 2mm:1ft scale

Scale Model Scenery KX057 N Barn Store

(KX057-N) Barn/Store – £8.99.

Based on the many derelict barns in fields in every corner of the UK, this kit can be assembled as either a pristine building, derelict, or anywhere in between, with scope for 'kit-bashing'. Supplied with a choice of sliding door, hinged door or solid wall, modellers can mix and match the components. Can be used as a farm barn / store, goods store in a small freight yard, or derelict building as part of an industrial scene.

Supplied with a choice of weathered stone and brick paper wrapped wall finishes, the model features laser-cut detail including roof trusses, pre-weathered roof slates and detailed doors. A cobble-effect floor is provided for the interior, too.

For 4mm:1ft scale

Scale Model Scenery KX092 N bonded warehouse low relief

(KX092-OO) Bonded Warehouse Low Relief End Wall - £8.99.

Modelled on a real-life warehouse on Limehouse Wharf in London, this ultra-low relief end wall is designed to create maximum impact but require little space at the back of a layout.

Scale Model Scenery AX488 Axle stands

(AX488-OO) Axle Stands (pack of 4) – £5.49.

This pack of four hand-painted axle stands is designed to detail 1:76 scale model garages and dioramas. One pair is raised, the other lowered. Painted in red with silver highlights, the 3D-printed, resin axle stands are ready to use from the pack.


Scale Model Scenery AX403 alloy wheels and tyres

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(AX403-OO) Alloy Wheels & Tyres (pack of 4) – £5.99.

This pack of four, hand-painted alloy wheels and tyres are for detailing a 1:76 scale model garages and dioramas. Ideal for stacking up in a car showroom, adding to shelving or racking in a garage, or lying on the floor next to a vehicle that's been worked on.


Scale Model Scenery AX349 vehicle body panels

(AX349-OO) Vehicle Body Panels (pack of 8) – £5.79.

Scale Model Scenery has said that its new unpainted 3D-printed doors are ideal for leaning against the wall of a garage, or positioning next to a vehicle that's being worked on. Supplied in black resin, the items can be painted and detailed with acrylic paints if preferred.

For 7mm:1ft scale

Scale Model Scenery mp041 bicycles

(MP041-O) Bicycles (pack of 6) – £4.99.

Finally, this pack of six, laser-cut, self-assembly bicycles could be placed on many street scenes, leaning against walls, lamp posts, outside stations, or factories. Supplied unpainted, these can be painted to look like vintage or modern bikes. With three parts per bike, Scale Model Scenery recommends tweezers to fit the handlebars and seat.

Visit the Scale Model Scenery website for further details on the above new items.


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