KR Models: wagon exclusive

18 January 2023
Available to pre-order now, YouTuber Jenny Kirk's 'Monday Club' Palbrick wagon commission carries an interesting livery...

Youtuber Jenny Kirk's 'Monday Club' has released images of its second exclusive wagon commission for its members, expected to arrive later this year. Based on KR Models' 'Palbrick' wagon, the exclusive editions are available exclusively through Rails of Sheffield which is handling order fulfilment.

KR Models Palbrick Jenny Kirk

Models carry an exclusive livery for William Loud and Sons and a unique running number, with 'JK, return to Wear Yard' lettering, similar to the Monday Club's first exclusive wagon based on Accurascale's MDV which sold out in 2022. The exclusive running number, B463211 is also carried on the bodyside. 

Priced at £25, models can be pre-ordered via Rails of Sheffield with delivery expected at the same time as KR Models' catalogue versions arrive in shops.

KR Models Palbrick Jenny Kirk

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The numbers produced of this unique wagon are strictly limited so order now to avoid missing out. Delivery is expected later this year at the same time as KR Models deliver the rest of the already announced main range Palbrick wagons.

For further details, including the fictitious back-story behind the wagon livery, visit the Rails of Sheffield website.




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